TCHS changes exhibits in two of our galleries 2-3 times a year. The remaining galleries are host to several “permanent items” that can be enjoyed whenever you stop by the museum. Many of these items have a rich history and have been local favorites for some time. 

View our upcoming exhibits to see what we have scheduled!

Current Exhibits:

Tioga County Behaving Badly

Tioga County behaving badly?? The museum will take a look back at some of the legal, somewhat legal, illegal and otherwise shady activities of the counties past. From alcohol and tobacco to organized crime, there is sure to be a topic of interest for everyone on display. Do you know what a disorderly house is?? If you aren’t familiar with the less discussed topics of the area, stop in and see what you might learn.

Did you know we grew tobacco right here in Tioga County? Not only was tobacco grown here in the county, but we also manufactured it. Check out our section on tobacco and manufacturing done in this area as well as photographs and items from that time.  The museum even has a humidor, made out of a real white rhinoceros’s foot, given to J.A. Loring (AKA Todd Loring) from a former President of the United States of America.

A beautiful quilt top made of flannel sent from the tobacco company, with a tobacco purchase, that date back to the early 20th century. Each swatch of fabric is adorned with patterns and symbols.  

From prohibition, tobacco and disorderly houses, mobsters, scandals’ and more, this is exhibit will surely appeal to the appetites and appreciations of those looking for the more precarious facts of history. Come down to the museum and check out all the different items on various topics that are on display.  

Emergency Services of Tioga County

May 6th, 2023 – October 14th 2023The Tioga County Historical Society and Museum will highlight the history of our county’s public service departments in this main exhibit for 2023. There will be memorabilia from our very own Owego Fire Departments, Owego Police Department, Tioga County Sheriff’s Department, New York State Police Department and more.  

On display, you will find memorabilia, ledgers, badges and items related to our counties public service departments. A picture says a thousand words. Stop in and look at the photographs on display. Check out the artifacts that correlate with Tioga County’s public servants from the 19th and 20th centuries and more. You never know what you might see.

Whether or not you have a family history of involvement in public service, you yourself are involved or you simply have an interest in the topic, this exhibit will be one you will not want to miss. Come visit the museum and enjoy our solute to the history of our county’s public service agencies.

A Look Back at 200 years of Tioga County Schools

School days, school days, … Have you ever wondered where the children of this region attended school before the construction of the modern school buildings? Do you remember the old stories you heard about the one room schoolhouses in our area? Maybe you grandmother told stories around the table, or your neighborhood storyteller had some interesting things to say about days gone by. If this is an interest of yours and you appreciate the charm of these adorable schoolhouses, check out this exhibit at the museum. It surely won’t disappoint.

Paper Dolls– Perennial Playthings– Past and Present

Our paper doll exhibit is sure to please your inner child. The paper doll exhibit features over 100 years of paper dolls! We even have some handmade paper dolls that were donated to the museum and made locally in the early 1900’s. This exhibit showcases the humble beginnings of the dress-able paper doll, all the way to the Barbie and back again.

These Exhibits will run through October 14th, 2023.