TCHS changes exhibits in two of our galleries 2-3 times a year.   The remaining galleries are host to several “permanent items” that can be enjoyed whenever you stop by the museum. Many of these items have a rich history and have been local favorites for some time. 

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July 2020


Our Current Mini-Exhibits:


Tioga County’s Musical Century

Strike up the bands! This exhibit of early Tioga bands, musicians and orchestras provides a snapshot of local talent from 1850 to 1950.   


History of the Rotary Club

This exhibit describes the principles that founded the Rotary and the club’s impact on Tioga County. 


History of the United States Census

A brief history of the U.S. Census, 1790 – 2020


Current Main Exhibit:

A Tioga County Tribute to Our Flame Fighters and Medic Heroes

An exhibit that features local fire departments from around the county since 1828. The exhibit displays everything from early bucket companies and hand-drawn carts to modern fire jackets and hose nozzles.