Education Advisory Committee

Come join us!

The Tioga History Museum is dedicated to working with teachers and assisting them with ideas for integrating museum exhibitions. This may include creating programs for school curricula, and providing an alternate learning environment apart from the school setting.

The primary purpose of the Advisory Committee is to involve educators in developing, piloting, and evaluating educational programs, and lesson plans produced by the museum. The committee will be composed of teachers and other educators from surrounding communities.

Specific functions of the committee include:

  1. Recommending and reviewing proposals for new school programs.
  2. Evaluating existing programs.
  3. Helping develop new interdisciplinary, hands-on programs.
  4. Piloting new programs and/or materials and evaluating them.
  5. Working as liaisons between the museum and schools promoting and increasing awareness of educational materials and programs offered through the museum.

If you are an educator and would like to join the Education Advisory Committee, please notify Staci Becker at sbecker@tiogahistory.org or (607)687-2460.

Digital Resources and Lesson Plans

The staff at the Tioga History Museum are hard at work in order to bring local teachers a variety of helpful digital resources and lesson plans. Look for these resources soon!

*Interested in helping with the development of digital resources and lesson plans? Join the Education Advisory Committee! Find out more information above!

Field Trips and Behind the Scene Tours

Field trips and behind the scene tours the Tioga History Museum offers a variety of opportunities for students in preschool to high school.  Programs are interactive and linked to the New York State Learning Standards.  Possible programs include: Civil War, Underground Railroad, and the Haudenosaunee

Teachers can also work with museum staff to develop customized tours and programs for students.  Programs may be developed around a specific theme or an exhibit on display at TCHS. As always, students, teachers and chaperones are FREE.

Find more information about our field trip programs.

Questions? Contact us at (607) 687-2460 or museum@tiogahistory.org.