The Tioga County Historical Society Museum helps students of all ages make connections between Tioga County history and national history. Take your students on a field trip they will never forget! 

TCHS offers tailored field trips. Engage in a variety of hands-on activities that meet classroom needs. Fill out the Field Trip Request form in order to discuss the curriculum needs of your group.

*All activities offered are in full compliance with Common Core requirements.  

2015 Field Trip Programs

  • The Cost of Freedom: New York and the Civil War

Make the connection between students and a war fought 150 years ago. We offer a variety of activities for students using primary sources from our collection. A popular activity involves the use of our original Matthew Brady prints, taken during the Civil War. Students “Tell the Story” behind these pictures, using information from class and the Musuem.

  • Tioga County and The Underground Railroad

The Tioga County Historical Society currently has an African American History exhibit in our East Gallery, called “We Shall Overcome”. Among our collection is a replica Underground Railroad Quilt. We use this quilt to teach children about the difficulties escaped slaves endured, as well as the story behind their helpers. We help children understand the symbolism behind the quilt through a variety of activities. 

  • American Indian Connection: The Haudenosaunee 

The Tioga County Historical Society is fortunate to have a large American Indian artifact collection. We share these artifacts with students, allowing them to connect to a different culture. Go back in time as students learn about artifacts, their history, and their uses. Activities include a craft where students can make their own Wampum belts, while learning about their significance to the Haudenosaunee.